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Mickey Koss was commissioned out of West Point with a degree in Economics and spent 4 years in the Infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps. After graduating from Syracuse with an MBA and MPA, he now manages an 8 figure budget for the Army. Mickey found Bitcoin indirectly when one of his Soldiers told him about his GPU mining scheme out of chance and serendipity. He fell fast and hard down the rabbit hole just before the 2020 halving and has been increasingly interested in the space ever since. While not spending time with his wife and kids, he enjoys learning more about Bitcoin, macroeconomics, and orange pilling friends and family. Just a run of the mill, financially illiterate psychopath trying to do some good.

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Mike Hobart is a distinguished contributor to Bitcoin Magazine and the creator of the insightful Substack publication, “Just Hear Me Out.” Specializing in the intersection of Bitcoin mining and energy, Mike has been delving into and elucidating the nuances of the Bitcoin world since 2020. As a respected voice in the community, he brings a wealth of knowledge and critical analysis to his readers.

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